The registration of Trademarks gives its owner exclusive rights to prevent others from using the trademark or a confusingly similar mark in relation to the same or similar goods or services.

What is a Trademark?

Trademark is any sign which is capable of being represented graphically and which can be in the course of trade distinguish the goods or services from those of other undertakings. Such sign may include words, personal name, designs, letters, and the shapes of goods and packaging.

How to protect your Trademark in Algeria?

By Filing

      - a national Trademarks application to the Algerian National Institute of industrial property (INAPI).

      - an international application filed under the Madrid Agreement.


Procedure for Registering a Trademark


      -  Conducting a trademark search

        It is important before submitting a trademark application, to act for a trademark searches on the registered and pending

          trademarks records at the Algerian Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) in order to determine whether your mark is

          available for use or no.


      -  Filing and submitting a trademark application

        After evaluating the probability of registration.Trademark application must be filed into 05 copies in the prescribed

          manner and form, it must include :

-     drawing of the mark  and ,

-     supplementary specimens of the mark and ,

-     a listing of the goods or services classified according to the International Classification of Nice.

      Declaration of priority ( if any )

         If the applicant claims the right of priority a national application in Algeria must be filed within

         06 months from the date of filing of the earliest application in any country of Paris Union (article 23)

         a declaration of priority and payment of priority fees is Requested at the moment of filing, and a certificated priority

         documents may be submitted within 03 months from the Algerian filing date.


       Signed power of attorney

       -  Payment of the prescribed fees


   Duration of Registration

     Each registration shall remain in force for 10 years from the date of filing.


   Renewal of registration

    Each registration may be renewed for a periods of 10 years at the end of each successive 10 year period

International Application under Madrid Agreement

Under the Madrid Agreement Applicant can file an international application at the international bureau of WIPO in Geneva and designates the countries where the protection is sought if ALGERIA is from the designated countries where the applicant seek a protection we undertake all the registration processes under our national laws.


Our Services 

 We provide a full range of services according to Trademarks:


Comprehensive Trademarks study: which consist on the following:

a)- Registrability of the Mark:    We provide a law study in order to determine whether the desired mark qualifies for registration and it is not  excluded from registration according to article  7  of Trademarks law.


 b) – Trademarks searches:   We conduct full Trademarks searches with the INAPI Trademarks database

- Seach for identical registered marks or applications.

- Search for similarity based on the classes of products and services.

 In order to determine whether there are any identical or confusingly or deceptively similar registered marks or applications which could present an obstacle to the registration.

 c) – Recommended classification of goods and services

The most important aspect for any trademark application is the specification of goods and services because a registered trademark is only protected against infringement by use of the same or similar mark in relation to goods or services in respect which the trademarks is registered.


We provide the identification of the recommended classification of goods and services associated with the mark according to the Nice International Classification.   


      Legal opinion and summary as to whether you should register your Trademark

Registration procedures for national application : We prepare the applications with the correct specifications of goods and services related to the Trademarks.

 Registration procedures for International application We undertake all national procedure for international application filed under the Madrid Agreement with any country of origin and designates Algeria as a country where trademark protection is sought.

     Prosecutions and opposition

     Amendments and addition

     Recording Assignments and license agreements

      Trademarks infringement

      Domain name and Trademarks dispute (cyber squatting)

      Translation document from 

                   - English into French

                   - English into Arabic

                   -  French into Arabic      



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