The registration of industrial design gives its owners the exclusive rights to exclude others from reproducing, importing or selling or offering for sale or distributing the protected design.

What is an Industrial Design?

An industrial design is that aspect of a useful article which is ornamental or aesthetic .it may consist of three dimensional features such as a shape or surface of the article or two dimensional features such us a patterns lines, or color

How to protect your Industrial Design in Algeria?

By Filing

         - national Industrial Design application to the Algerian National Institute of industrial property (INAPI).

Procedure for registering an industrial design

        - Conducting a design search

            It is important before submitting a design application to act for a design searches on the registered andpending design records before the Algerian Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) in order to determine whether your design is new and original.

         - Drafting and filing Application

           The application for a design must be filed into four (04) copies in a French language

           and it must include the following:


                a) - A title that identify the finished article to which the design is applied.

                b) - A short description that describe the features and the structure of the design.

                c) -six identical copies of the representation of the design or two specimens.

               d)- declaration of priority

           if the applicant claims the right of priority a national application in Algeria must be filed within 06 months from thedate of filing of the earliest application in any country of Paris Union.

           a declaration of priority and payment of priority fees is requested at the moment of filing, and a certificated prioritydocuments may be submitted within 03 months from the Algerian filing date.

               e) - payment of the prescribed fees

           The application must be accompanied by the payment of the prescribed fees

            f) - Signed power of attorney


   Duration of the industrial design          

      Each registration shall remain in force for 10 years from the date of filing application dived into two terms the first yearand the succeeding nine years.

      Applicant must request the nine year extension either on filing or within the first year.


    Publication in Gazette

     The application is kept secret during the first duration of protection (the first year) unless the applicant request publication if the applicant request extension of protection for the second period of nine year, the application is published after the elapse of the first period of protection.


Our Services


We provide a full range of services according to Industrial Design:

           Comprehensive design study

a)- Registrability of the design

              We provide a law study in order to determine whether the design qualifies for registration and it is not excluded

              from registration according to article  5 of the design law.

                  b) �" design searches:

              We conduct full design searches

-  a national design search with the INAPI national design database.

-  a foreign design search with the INAPI foreign design database.

              In order to determine whether there are any identical or similar registered design or applications which couldpresent an obstacle to the registration.

            Legal opinion and summary of the search report

             Application preparation and management

             Prosecutions and opposition


             Recording Assignments and license agreements

             Maintenance of the registered design

             Design infringement and litigations

             Translation document from 

                      -  English into French

                   -  English into Arabic

                      -  French into Arabic      


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