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Protection under the new Algerian copyright law is conferred to authors of literary and artistic works, performers, producers of phonograms and video grams, and broadcasting organization.

Copyright gives its owners the exclusive rights to prevent others from reproducing, performing, communicating, distributing the copyrighted material without its permission.


Copyrightable Works

Works eligible for protection  under the article 04 0f the copyright and related right Act 03-05 of 2003  are particularly :

-  Literary works: written and oral works e.g. books, pamphlets, articles, lectures, speeches, sermons …

-  Computer software, database, and other similar works

-  Theatrical, dramatic, dramatico-musical works and pantomime

-  Musical works whether accompanied with word or not

-  Cinematographic works and other audio-visual works whether accompanied with sound or not

-  Works of formative and applied art: drawing, painting, sculpture, engraving, lithography, and textiles art

-  Drawing, geographical maps, design, charts, topographic and architectural works

-  Photographic works

-  Traditional works of folklore

-  Creative of fashion

-  Derivative works: translation, adaptation musical adaptation…


Exclusive Rights

Economic rights of the Author

The author shall have the exclusive right to exploit his work in any form and in any manner this include:

§  The right of reproduction i.e. copying, reproducing the work in any material whatsoever printing, storing in an electronic tangible medium, Cd rom, hard disk, server, internet

§  The right of performance and communication i.e. performing the work to the public by any means and process

§  The right of distribution i.e. the distribution of the work by sale or other forms

Moral rights of the Author

  • The right of attribution i.e. the right to attribute the work to himself, published
  • The right to decide the disclosure or not of his work
  • The right to respect for his name, his authorship, and his work i.e. the right to prohibit any distortion, alteration in his work

Protection of your work in Algeria

Copyright protection for literary and artistic works exists automatically from the moment when the work is created without any other formalities.


However a legal deposit of the work is prerequisite for public collection of works.


Our Services

We provide a full range of services according to copyright

- Legal protection of literary and artistic works

-  Legal protection of computer software, database,

-  Legal audit and protection of website

-  Legal protection of copyright and related right in the electronic environment

-  Copyright licensing

-  Counseling about the liability of the online service provider (OSP) in all matters related to copyright infringement

-  Representing our client before civil and penal court in case of copyright infringement.







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